PERSONAL: Setting Goals as a BA Communication Major

“I look forward to seeing you as a TV reporter someday.”

I can still vividly remember the words that my teacher had told me two years ago. I just graduated from high school and I went to my alma mater on a Friday morning to get my report card. While waiting, I informed my teacher about my plans on taking BA Communication as my degree in college. He was very excited and very happy for me, to say the least.

Before I’ve come up with my decision to take BA Communication as my major, there were a lot of things that I considered. First, I’m aware that taking this path means that I should always be ready with whatever there is to come. May it be making a report on a specific issue, or to write a newspaper article about a certain topic—the tasks that can be given to us do vary. With that, I need to prepare myself in order to fulfill my responsibilities as a media practitioner.

Also, the field of communication and media is massive. At the same time, it has been significant to the society ever since. Being in this field means that it is my duty to impart necessary information to the public through mass media. That being said, being equipped with knowledge and skills is highly needed.

Having such things to consider, I further realized how difficult being a Communications major is. Aside from the responsibilities, other things such as dangers also exist. But instead of feeling scared, I perceived the situation as a challenge. Thus, I took BA Communication as my college degree. Moreover, what inspired me to choose this course is my experience in journalism starting from elementary up to high school.

My Goals as a BA Communication Major

As a BA Communications student, there are goals that I want to achieve. These include:

  1. Being able to perform the duties and responsibilities well.

In everything that we do, it is really important to give our 100% effort. Unable to exert a good amount in your tasks can result to unsatisfactory works in the end. Thus, this goal of mine both applies to my being a student and a media professional someday.

As a student, I have this responsibility to myself—that is, to learn the necessary knowledge that will serve as a great foundation for me. The knowledge being taught in school will really be useful as we enter the “real world”. Meanwhile, as a media practitioner, there is a responsibility to the public that I have to fulfill. That responsibility revolves around being truthful, accurate, and transparent in everything that I report or write about.

2. Uphold transparency and truthfulness.

In relation to the first goal, my ultimate goal is to be truthful and transparent at all times. Media practitioners are expected to say the truth, and always speak for what is true. Indeed, disseminating the truth to the public is such an arduous task, considering that purveyors of fake news continue to spread lies that may easily sway the perception of the public. In line with this, I strive to battle such fake news by upholding transparency and truthfulness.

3. Enjoy my chosen profession.

It is no new to us that being in the media and communication field is quite stressful knowing that unexpected things may occur. There could be times when a difficult assignment will be given which may require you to visit and/or stay in a place far away from home.

Although there are things that are quite unexpected and are inevitable, my goal is to genuinely enjoy what I currently do. The situation may be stressful, yes, but the enjoyment and fulfillment you’d feel at the end of the day will definitely outweigh the stress.

Little note

I know that the journey as a Communications major won’t be easy, as challenges are always there to test your abilities, knowledge, and your stand regarding specific issues. Despite the difficulties being experienced, striving the goals I’ve set as a BA Communication major will definitely make my journey a remarkable one. After all, there is no easy job.

By theluminousgem

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am Britney Dona, a 2nd Year BA Communication Student from Lyceum-Northwestern University. Aside from writing, I am also passionate when it comes to drawing and dancing.

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